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'GAUGE 1', 'GAUGE 3' & '16mm Narrow Gauge'

If you are considering building a garden railway, there are things which must be considered. The attacks upon the infrastructure by the weather, be it water or deterioration by ultra violet light.  Careful planning is essential with the choice of only the best components, which at the same time must give a good representation of the full size.

A great deal of time and effort has gone into the development of track, and increasing the choice available to the modeller, with new items being added all the time. I have tried to make these web pages read like a good book, they are full of useful tips and advice before you embark on the journey.

Please use the Shopping Cart for the track items in Gauge 1, Gauge 3 and 16mm Narrow Gauge. The weight of each item is added to the cart, you then choose the applicable postage. You can also choose a 10% cash discount if you wish to collect at a Show or from our home address. There is a 2% discount for Bank Transfer or PayPal Gift. We still take cheques. You can also use your Credit Card or Debit Cards via PayPal on the web site or if you need to discuss your requirements, then we take your order by phone and send you a 'Revolut' credit/debit card payment request, which you can pay after you check your order is correct.

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Happy modelling, Cliff Barker



Gauge 1 - 10 Yard Starter Track Pack, with Fishplates & Fixing Pins

from £127 + P&P

Gauge 3 - 10 Yard Starter Track Pack, with Fishplates & Fixing Pins

from £174 + P&P

Gauge 1 Rail Built Buffer Stop with code 180 stainless rail & Fishplates

from £32 + P&P

Gauge 3 Rail Built Buffer Stop with stainless rail & Fishplates

from £44 + P&P